Which Is the Best Vacuum sealing machine?

Broadly there are two kinds of vacuum sealing machines such as suction device and chamber vacuum sealer. These vacuum machines follow different vacuum process, and there are advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of machines.

The most standard form of vacuum machine is known as a suction device.  This type of machine is relatively lower-priced than a chamber vacuum sealer.  This kind of technology is applied in Seal-a-Meal and FoodSaver method.

These machines can be found at any local store or online at a price range of $60 to $200, based upon the features. These low-end devices are a good way to get started.

Any of these basic models come with a package of specially deigned vacuum sealer bags and rolls. One important thing to remember here is that these machines can only operate with particularly designed bags. You can get these bags at reasonable price from online stores.

Another setback of the suction-type vacuum sealers is that this kind of vacuum sealing machine can’t survive heavy use. It is possible to normally vacuum seal around eight to ten items prior to the heat sealing strip becomes very hot. You need to start sealing the bags ahead of time prior to the vacuum process gets complete.

Another problem with the suction-type vacuum machine is that it is not easy to seal liquid items. If you attempt to seal bag containing milk, for instance, the liquid could enter to the machine’s engine and damage it.

The easy way to seal a liquid item is to keep it in a plastic or aluminum storage pot and freeze it prior to sealing. After the item is frozen, simply take the frozen item out of the pot and seal it using vacuum machine or you can also put the whole container in a vacuum packing bag and seal it.

Irrespective of so many concerns, the suction-type vacuum sealing machine is very popular, as they cost relatively much less to buy, easy to run, and are undersized. They can easily fit on your kitchen counter.

The next kind of vacuum sealer is named as a chamber vacuum sealing machine. This system of sealing is just right for heavy usages and also for sealing liquid-rich foods.

Now you can find smaller home models online. These machines do not heat up too much like the suction machines, and therefore are ideal for heavy users. But you need to consider several things when buying chamber vacuum machines. At first remember they cost much compared to the suction machines.

The minimal cost of chamber machine is about $700. The VP112 VacMaster model which is a good counter-top machine costs as much.

Using chamber vacuum machine is cost effective when it comes to purchasing the necessary bags. Not like the FoodSaver bags, that may cost you up to $.75 each if bought from a retail shop, the chamber vacuum bags can cost for around $.03 each if bought online. These savings can increase the value of the machine making the chamber machines a cost-effective option.

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